Many people consider accounting as bookkeeping, recording of daily transactions on a regular basis and maintain ledger records for the company, but this is only one face of accounting. Managers and decision makers in various companies in  need for a lot of information which enable them to make right decisions and right time If you want to develop your company, then you need to change the perception of accounting within your team, you also need to provide them a powerful tool to achieve efficient results.
You need system helping on audit and provide analytical results by fast and accurate way.

Why TAB    

TAB is designed to cover businesses needs for wide range of sectors. The system support variant organization sizes. The system have user friendly interface and easy to operate by different users levels.

  TAB Offers    

  •   Accuracy: The provided figures from any system is absolutely crucial mission, The system provide many validation and integrity checks, which insure high quality results and prevent many of the repeated errors can be entered by data entry users.

  • Confidentiality: The system provides secure and flexible access right mechanism into system data. The system used most powerful databases features and the latest data encryption algorithm. The system can provided unlimited users’ roles by separate data access metrics.

  • Audit: The system design allows several patterns for auditing and tracking of recorded data. As standard feature, the system store in all tables (created user, created date, amended user, amended date, etc.).

  • Results: The system helps in increasing organization profit through provided information help decision maker to give right   decisions at the right time. It is also powerful tools to provide easy way to analyze the organization results in all aspects. The system helps managers and decision makers to get accurate and fast picture about organization performance and development at any time and from different angles.