Workflow System

The workflow is not considered a separate system but is the engine that is used within the TAB systems fully.
It is a way to keep good communication between users of the system and clarify the relationship between individuals and documents (actions).
Sequence of events and the direction of workflow
Practical example:
Employee is asking for a purchase order
A purchase order needs to be approved by the direct manager and then the approval of the Director of Procurement
In the event that the value of purchase order is more than 10000, it is required the approval of the Executive Director
In the event that the value of purchase order is more than 100000, it is required the approval of  the Chairman of the Board
How to apply the TAB Workflow
You can, through the TAB system, define the stages for each task within the system so that each task is assign each to a group of people with the possibility of follow-up each task separately or follow-up tasks related to a particular person.
The TAB system helps its users in the simulation of the actual working method followed by the institution in an easy and simple way.
The system allows each user to view only its own actions and not be allowed to the infringement of the user`s specialties.
TAB system has the possibility of linking any screens of the system within the workflow in a simplified manner to ensure that there is no duplication of work.
The work on the Workflow is established through simple steps which are:
  • Systems Definition
  • Screens Definition
  • Staff Definition
  • Positions Definition
  • Definition of action steps
  • Definition of the terms of each stage

- TAB ERP Workflow system also provides a tracer tool to follow up any action and find out its current state at any moment.
- It also provides a report on the various cases and the extent of the performance of staff to work on the workflow
- It also provides a tool for the possibility of putting replacements in case of the absence of key officials with the specific period.
- The system supports email and SMS messages to send various alerts to users to the extent of developing their own action or notice the user with the existence of an action requires review.
- The system also has the possibility of directing the order to a specific user to express an opinion prior to approval or rejection.