Electronic Archive System

It is well known that the archive of previous years to non-existent institution is very difficult to be reached by traditional methods due to the large number of papers and faxes. Through this system, you can access any document with the utmost speed and safety.
The distinct systems that help to arrange your documents where you can record documents in a simple manner and the possibility of referring back easily.

Electronic Archive System Advantages:

  • The possibility of entering the documents in an easy and simple way.
  • The possibility of entering a range of information which varies according to the type of document.
  • The possibility of creating basic data for any type of document.
  • The possibility of classifying documents for various types (decisions - faxes - contracts - ...).
  • The possibility of limiting the entities of dealing whether it is import or export entity to facilitate the search process.
  • The existence of the advanced search feature which helps you to access the requested document.
  • The possibility of giving powers of use to an infinite number of users  for the document (the right to manage - the right to read - the right to write).
  • The system supports the property of  Follow up and sends an e-mail to remind.