Shipping Companies System

Shipping Companies Management System enables the intermediary companies from managing the shipping process entirely.

Shipping Companies Management System Advantages:
  •     Registration of all local and international cities and regions.
  •     Building areas that can include several local and international states and cities.
  •     Registration of all cargo cases for the follow-up of various cargoes.
  •     Registration of the delivery delegates and the sales agents.
  •     Registration of an infinite number of clients.
  •     Registration of an infinite number of agents.
  •     Coding of different types of packaging for the carried goods.
  •     Comparison between the actual cost of the agents and the calculated cost of the program.
  •      The possibility of the amendment to the state of the bill of lading based on its current status.
  •    Ability to add any other expenses on the bill of lading.
  •    Ability to invoke orders to make a bill of lading.
  •     Registration of the bill number of the agent.
  •    Ability to make bills without orders.
  •    Ability to make COD in the policy.
  •     Calculating the sales agents’ commission accurately and easily with more than one way.
  •     Registration of different lists of prices for agents and linking each client with a private list based on the cargo type.
  •     Calculating the rates concerning (the fuel-postage fees- Sales-tax-any other fees).
  •     Ability of completing the price’s list for agents and clients automatically to any weight required.
  •     Ability of making a request based on the specifications of the required cargoes by the client.
  •     Ability of assigning a delivery delegate and distinguishing the executed deliveries from the unexecuted ones.
  •     Ability to send the ordered deliveries automatically for the assigned delivery delegate.
  •     Printing reports on the total rates of the postage fees on the cargoes
  •     Ability to register an infinite list of prices for the agents (flexibly).
  •      Printing reports of the number of bills during a certain period.
  •     Printing reports of the number of bills that have been collected
  •     Ability of printing more than one bill at the same time.