Car Rental System

Follow-up Cars Contracts
  • Ease print the contract with its all details as soon as possible and less effort
  • Cost of kilo meters and extra days are in the cost of the contract
  • Calculating license cost and signs of each contract
  • Keeping a copy of the contract in a certain period and  it can recall it  at any time
  • Measuring the actual transactions volume made by a certain car in a  period

Follow-up Drivers Data
  • Keeping the full data of drivers
  • Viewing the contracts of every driver individually
  • Ability to recall all data at any time

Follow-up your Accounts
  •   Follow-up revenues and expenses
  •   Follow-up customers account and term movement ,if found
  •   Follow-up collecting time or paying the installments of every customer
  •   Follow-up your accounts in banks and your own balance

Follow-up Cars Movement
  •   Keeping the full data of every car
  •   Follow -up periodic maintenance of the cars
  •   Viewing data of coming in and out of the cars in a certain period

Follow-up the Customers (Renters)
  • Keeping the full data of  renters
  • Ability to print the personal photo of the renter and post it at the contract
  • Follow-up  the actual transactions volume made by a certain customer in a  period
  • To what extent every customer obligate of all the described terms at every renting process
  • Ability to send messages to former customers to activate the renting process