Payroll System

Payroll system enable recording of payroll elements, calculate salaries and deducted elements for social insurance  and tax. The system can integrated with all time attendance machines type (finger print, cards, etc.). The  system fully integrated with Tab general ledger system and many other ERP applications like Sun financial, SAP and JD Edward.


  • Store comprehensive data for employees (financial data, administrative data, personal data, health data, etc).
  • Unlimited organization structure levels, easy & flexible setup of departments.
  • Compliant with labor law in both the tax and social insurance, flexible to setup rules and percentages (if any) without need of development effort.
  • Easy to configure number of working days, number of working hours, social insurance ceiling limit and many other configurable elements without need of development.
  • Ability to create unlimited number of elements, categorize elements to basic salary, allowances and deductions.
  • Ability to configure element nature (fixed or variable). Ability to setup elements to accept value as Amount (monetary) / Days / Hours, system will automatically convert Days or Hours to monetary equivalent value.
  • Cover employees loan and advanced payment which will be deducted over several months. Monitor loan value and payment period by easy way.
  • Record staff elements by several way, the company can select the most convenient for it
  • Ability to allocate specific element and applied to one / group of employees / employees in specific department by single entry interface.
  • Cover special and social allowances, easy to setup exemption rules for those allowances.
  • Ability to calculate salaries per department / group of departments / all departments.
  • Ability to integrate with Banks for salary transfer, system support interface with bank using Excel sheet, text file, etc.
  • Ability to establish more than one receivable envelope, the several receivable envelope can have several payment intervals. Easy to allocate elements to pay slip.
  • Produce reports on the level of employees, departments, locations (branches), type of contract.
  • Print a salary envelope for each employee, easy to configure payslip design.
  • Reports for total monthly salary, in detail level (per employee) and aggregated level (per department).
  • Reports provide comparison between several months to can evaluate payroll changes.
  • Reports, review and monitor specific element / group of elements per month and/or year.
  • Produce tax authority and social insurance authority reports, both monthly and annually reports.
  • Produce a report for salaries transferred to Bank.
  • Review all employees’ recorded data, ability to export this data into Excel sheet, user can prepare unlimited number of lists concerning employees’ data.
  • Reports monitor staff loans and advanced payment.