Letter of Credit System

Letter of Credit system supports importing operation and recorded all relevant expenses elements. The system enable customer to allocate all relevant expenses reaching to actual final cost of imported items. The system fully integrated with inventory and General ledger systems.
Letter of  Credit System Advantages

    •  Setup of LC types and related rules and custom categories.
    •  Allocate LC elements expenses on items.
    •  Allocate custom expenses on items.
    •  Many analytical and comparative reports.
    •  Calculate currency factor after adding custom and LC expenses.
    •  Possibility of registering all types of accreditation in their customs categories.
    •  possibility of calculating the currency cost factor.
    •  possibility of issuing a report at the cost of each item separately after adding the costs of accreditation.
    •  Summary report by total LC and custom costs.
    •  possibility of calculating the currency cost factor.
    •  Integration with inventory system.
    •  Integration with general ledger system.