Point of Sale System (POS)

System of Retail points(POS) is one of the distinct systems and important systems for retailers; it is an investment in its target where it:
  • Saves Time
    Ease of the input screen and the screen of the Rosary Close which help to speed the performance of the required business - the use of barcodes in the sales process saves a lot of human error, as well as performs tasks faster.
  • Regulates the method of work.
  • You can, through the TAB system for points of sales, control the inventory of items and control the procurement of different suppliers according to the purchase orders - you can monitor the work of the sellers by registering their operations in detail and put different powers to both the supervisor and the seller and the branch manager.
  • Controls  the number of products
  • As the system will determine the minimum and maximum of the request and give a warning when reaching near the definite amount of the different varieties; in addition, taking into account the expiration dates for varieties that have a specific validity period.
  •   Flexibility of special offers
  • As you can determine the price lists for special group of clients, as well as, the possibility of identifying a period concerning the offer and conditions of each offer, whether the amount of a specific item or the value of a specific invoice; in addition, you can determine the gifts will be given to the buyer - whether it is a specific discount or varieties without value.
  • Accurate reports at high speed
  • Which help to compare the size of the performance and improve the operating efficiency - where you can issue many of the usual daily reports, as well as, a comparative reports for certain periods and to certain working hours - you can display several reports in the form of graphs, which helps to speed the analysis of information.
  • Cares about clients
  • Through clients` database, you can communicate directly with clients through SMS messages or via e-mail.
  • Remote Control
  • You can follow any system reports through TAB - Portal, which allows the remote control of many of the system functions.
    You can also use the various applications or handheld devices in many applications, including presentations to clients, as well as, inventory process or the process of receiving the purchases.