Production Management System

  •     A simple system for small and medium companies.
  •     The system defines a bill of material for each item.
  •     The system allows recording the work orders and their classification.
  •     The ability to tie the work's order with various cost centers.
  •     The ability to change the estimation of the work orders as necessary without restriction to the estimation of the main product.
  •     The work order is tied to the orders of payment and addition.
  •     The ability to tie the bills of exchange with a certain work order.
  •     The ability to control the inventory and to tie the required work with the actual balances in the various warehouses.
  •     Issuing a number of reports to follow up the work orders

Industrial Cost Accounts

  •     The complete integration of general ledger, inventory management, and production.
  •     The identification of the service and production cost centers.
  •     The ability to reallocate the cost of the service cost centers on the production cost centers.
  •     The ability to use the standard prices for both material and products.
  •     Establishing the deviation entries automatically whether it was a deviation in quantity or a deviation in values.