Fixed Assets System

The system support assets registration, classify assets and define assets locations. The system calculates the   monthly depreciation. The system support all assets transactions types (disposal, improvement, sales, extend life   time, decrease life time, etc.). The system fully integrated with general ledger system.
  • Fixed assets recording.
  • Assets transaction.
  • Assets maintenance.
  • Asset development (without affect asset life time ).
  • Assets development (with increase asset life time).
  • Asset development (without affect asset life time), and depreciate development by separate schedule.
  • Decrease assets value.
  • Increase assets value.
  • Assets disposal .
  • Assets sold .
  • Assets transfer.
  • Monthly depreciation calculation of assets.
  • Integration with General ledger system.
  • Integration with purchasing system.
  • Assets depreciation follow-up report.
  • Assets data and locations.
  • Monthly depreciation calculation report.
  • Accumulated depreciation value report.
  • Fixed assets analysis per location / classification and cost center.